Badminton at the Glasgow School of Sport - Part 1
This video outlines some of training, routines and drills of the badminton players and coa...
published: 19 May 2009
author: Chris Smith
BADMINTON! The BEST sport ever
Must watch!!!...
published: 25 Apr 2012
author: badminton CK
Badminton - fastest sport in the world
A tribute to badminton - the fastest sport in the world Also watch my other videos: http:/...
published: 13 Feb 2013
author: Park Eun Wan
Biggests Fight in Sports History :: Bloody Fight between Two Badminton Players Beat Each to Death
Biggst Fight in Sport History https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=6S...
published: 23 Jul 2013
author: Aziz Shah
Badminton - Fastest sport in the WORLD!
Unbelievable rally at the world championships 2010 in mens doubles. Markis Kido/Hendra Set...
published: 13 Oct 2011
author: kashien
Badminton: Most Underrated Sport
Tennis may not be overrated, but badminton is definitely underrated! I made this video in ...
published: 26 Mar 2010
author: pridurak
SMASH IT #1 Badminton takes on other racquet sports
SMASH IT! is part of ESPN Star Sports brand new racquet magazine show - SMASH. It features...
published: 04 Apr 2012
author: bwf
Le badminton - Déclic'Sport
Thème : le badminton Avec Dr Jacques PRUVOST et Dr Christian TRAPÉ © AP-HM, 2007 http://fr...
published: 18 Sep 2013
Olympic Badminton Scandal
The sport of Badminton has been the center of scandal at the Olympics in London. One of th...
published: 02 Aug 2012
author: TYT Sports
Badminton. Where did the name and the sport come from?
Add me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hotforwords My website http://hotforwords.com/...
published: 17 Aug 2012
Raffles Institution takes home badminton title after 15 years
For 15 years, Raffles Institution has suffered a dry spell in the badminton championships....
published: 16 Jul 2013
Crazy badminton
a really long rally....
published: 17 May 2006
author: vma2668
Intérieur Sport - Badminton : Very Bad Trip
Badminton Intérieur Sport...
published: 10 Nov 2013
Badminton: an instant expert's guide to the Olympic sport
Click here to see British & Irish Lions win the series in the latest Brick by Brick http:/...
published: 10 Jul 2012
author: TheGuardian
Youtube results:
Deca Sports Nintendo Wii Gameplay - Badminton
published: 23 Jun 2011
author: IGN
Know Your Sport - Badminton
Know Your Sport is a series of videos giving brief factoids about the Sports Played in Oly...
published: 25 Jul 2012
Attitude Sport BADMINTON
L'univers du Badminton à la Réunion; le sujet kréopolitain: Yannick DIJOUX....
published: 16 Feb 2012
High Speed Sport - Badminton
2004 Summer Olympic Men's Double Semi-Final. Korea vs. Indonesia....
published: 24 Oct 2006
author: youarejunk
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